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Real Estate

Current projects
Real Estate:

Advising on a transaction for a shopping center sale in Zelenograd;

Advising on a project related to construction of a luxury cottage village in the near-Moscow countryside;

Advising on a transaction related to sale of a shopping and office center in Mytishchi;

Resolution of the dispute over termination of real estate lease contract related to lot located in Moscow.

Real estate acquisition for business operations, investments in real estate, lease and real estate development - each of these projects need professional legal support and advice.

Real estate transactions usually are crucial for business; that is why all the decisions in this field should be made with due consideration of possible legal and tax risks.

Settlement of a real estate transaction is the right time when the professional services of a law firm can help in adjusting the transaction price and avoiding so-called underlying potential problems.

In practice it is easier to avert a mistake than to try to rectify one after the conclusion of a transaction, but as far as real estate transactions are concerned making mistakes is inadmissible.

In real estate transactions various legal issues arise and their adequate solution depends on legal support: structuring of transactions, methods of payment and settlement, securing obligations of parties to the agreement, guarantees, tax planning, encumbrances on property and registration of property title.

Our attorneys have an outstanding knowledge of these and many other issues which are directly or implicitly connected with these transactions, not only in theory but in practice as well.

Many transactions which were successfully completed with our assistance allow us to confidently guarantee our high quality and individual approach to all issues referring to real estate.

Services which RUTAX can provide in the field of real estate:

– full specter legal support of real estate transactions (sale and purchase agreements, lease, equity financing and development);

– due diligence for real estate transactions (legal risk assessment, verification of owner’s title, delivering advice to owners and acquirers of real estate);

– working-out contracts and agreements referring to real estate transactions (sale, lease, real security, investment agreements, easements and agreements between co-owners);

– structuring of real estate transactions (including such methods of payment as letters of credit and escrow-agents, sales of shares in company-owners of real estate, application of Russian and foreign law legal instruments);

– tax advice and tax planning of real estate transactions (including acquisition and further exploitation of real estate);

– legal support of projects referring to building of new real estate assets (including use of land, agreements between all co-investors, approvals of property titles, etc);

– development of efficient holding structures for owning real estate assets in Russia and offshore);

– legal support of financing real estate transactions (debt financing, private equity investments, etc);

– development of preventive measures and protection mechanisms against hostile takeovers of company owners holding real estate assets;

– legal support on the issues referring to providing real estate assets with corresponding infrastructure (utility supply lines, electricity, heating, sewage systems, etc.)

Should you apply to RUTAX you can be absolutely sure that your real estate transaction will be dealt with by highly skilled professionals who have long-term experience and wide experience in real estate.

Besides we ensure high efficiency and a individual approach.

Recent Experience in Real Estate:

– legal support in a transaction for a shopping center sale in Zelenograd;

– legal support in a project related to construction of a luxury cottage village in the near-Moscow countryside;

– legal support in a sale transaction of an office center in Mytishchi;

– dispute resolution related to termination of a lease agreement related to real property located in Moscow; and

– dispute resolution related to a rent increase for real property.

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