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Contract Law

Each transaction consists of the terms agreed by the parties.

A contract is generally understood as an agreement between parties in writing; therefore, the success of a particular transaction much depends on the harmony between the agreement and specific details of the particular transaction if the contract provisions govern the parties’ relations in detail.

RUTAX has been providing legal support of different transactions since 1999 and we have accumulated positive experience in drafting contracts and agreements.

Legal service provided by RUTAX in contract law:

– preparing contracts of sale and delivery;
– preparing real estate purchase and sale agreements;
– preparing investment contracts and agreements;
– preparing insurance agreements;
– preparing lease agreements;
– preparing construction contracts;
– preparing services contracts;
– preparing agent agreements and contract of factorage;
– preparing share purchase agreements;
– preparing assignment agreements;
– legal advice on securities (mortgage, suretyship, etc.);
– drafting of standard form contracts for different business areas;
– drafting of exclusive contracts (among them agreements between shareholders, members of LLP, etc);
– legal advice related to negotiation of the agreement of terms and conditions of transactions (including discrepancy reports, addendum agreements, etc.).

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