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13.10.14 Seventh set of amendments to the Civil Code - one of the most significant.

On September 1, 2014 came into force a comprehensive new set of amendments to the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. From now on, it is impossible to establish a company in such legal forms as OJSC, CJSC and the ALC. The law introduces a brand-new concepts, such as corporate and unitary entities, public and private companies. And from October 1, 2014, without exception companies limited by shares are required to maintain a share register transfer to an independent registrar regardless of the number of shareholders. Changes affected almost all known corporate procedures, even the usual processes now require special attention, the analysis at each stage of the application and in-depth knowledge in the field of corporate law.

All the intricacies of the set of innovations will help you to understand our specialists.

23.01.15 Нулевая налоговая ставка: способ поддержки малого бизнеса в период кризиса

13.10.14 Седьмой блок поправок в ГК - один из самых существенных.

20.03.13 Кризис на Кипре: правила меняются.

16.05.12 Уточнены критерии отнесения организаций к крупнейшим налогоплательщикам.

18.04.12 В России отменяется налог на движимое имущество организаций.

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