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20.03.13 Cyprus Crysis: the rules is changing.

While some people think on how to save funds deposited in Cypriot banks. the others think ahead of the curve - how to exclude Cypriot companies from the existing holding structures and operation business.

Many experts believe that Cyprus will lose the trust of Russian business people regardless of whether the one-off charge on deposits will be adopted or not. It is clear now that Cyprus tax system can change in the near future dramatically. However this does not mean that the funds will be returned to Russia. Russian investors will look for alternatives to Cyprus. Some of them will smoothly move out their business from Cyprus, some may want to do an emergency exit.

Our Firm will be happy to provide legal services and consultations on restructuring of Cypriot holdings and transfer of business to other jurisdictions.
23.01.15 Нулевая налоговая ставка: способ поддержки малого бизнеса в период кризиса

13.10.14 Седьмой блок поправок в ГК - один из самых существенных.

20.03.13 Кризис на Кипре: правила меняются.

16.05.12 Уточнены критерии отнесения организаций к крупнейшим налогоплательщикам.

18.04.12 В России отменяется налог на движимое имущество организаций.

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